Sarah Jane Rameau - Hotel Room (Music Video)

I directed the music video for singer/songwriter Sarah Jane Rameau's single Hotel Room.


The Last Haiti Promo Visuals 

The Last Haiti is a short art film that seeks to break misconceptions and stereotypes toward Haiti in the form of colors and emotions.



La Femme Est Née

An art film about womanhood, woman sexuality, and body positivity. Shot in Bolex 16mm film. 



The Last Haiti: The Moving Portraits 

The Last Haiti: The Moving Portraits is an art film composed of moving portraits of people celebrating their Haitian existence through color, emotions, and audience connectivity.




FRUSTRATION 1 is the first installation of a series called FRUSTRATION. This series deals with the struggles, external and internal, of a life unknown to the West and the celebration of the daily frustrations juxtaposed with conversations in Creole and familiar Haitian items. The first part introduces the fears of the artist and people talking them through their questions and doubts.